Contemporary furniture design

This design style expresses the different ways of looking at furnishing, as inspiration of today dreams, innovation, change of habits, organization of families. The main purposes of this style are comfort, simplicity, beauty and environmental sustainability. Within the contemporary style we can find other subcategories such as minimalist, loft or the hi-tech style. Modern furniture design A type of modern furnishing is a collection of various features as this style can be considered as a macro-category in which other styles are included. We might say that contemporary furnishing is different from the rustic or classic but also contemporary ones for its less aggressive and modular lines.

Metal furniture design Metal furniture design is quite appreciated by those who love enjoying theit garden; you can choose many different design, it is time-tested without any special maintenance. You can always add more accessories and options to your own garden furniture, it is the ideal choice to create a garden area or a lodge for tools and a garage. Writing desk chairs design They represent a kind of furniture that that typically suits the office writing desk. They are available in different styles and design, fit any budget. They can be used in areas where people meet or where chairs are required for meetings or conferences and in the kids bedrooms at home.

designer furniture dog!They may even have a certain aesthetic design value. Ancient furniture design Nothing else adds style and value to your home as a beautiful ancient furniture design, carefully selected, functional and elegant at the same time. To choose a good quality furniture, coffee table or dresser in order to enhance your own home, is not difficult. Wardrobe design Do you want to furnish or redesign your bedroom and you have to choose a wardrobe that meets your needs? The right wardrobe allows you to keep your clothes or anything else. What features should have a good wardrobe and hoe to choose it among many models on the market? The wardrobe can be of design, with sliding doors, corner or even a closet.

Bathroom design and furniture The bathroom, purification place since ancient times, it is now conceived as a real space to be furnished with modern design. Often at home we can find a guests’ bathroom and another one for a daily use. Sanitary fittings, inner coating, materials, taps and fittings, bathtub or shower? Heating, lighting and mirrors. Its worth checking out the sanitary flooring requirements. Sanitary fittings are enhanced by a quality and design bathroom furniture. Interior bar design The interior bar design has increasingly evolved in early years; at the beginning the bar was considered as a simple meeting point, without any demands from the aesthetic point of view, while today there is much more design and style care. The main furniture element is the refrigerator counter, where is kept food such as sandwiches and ice creams. In early decades the interior bar design has evolved by concerning most important designer’s interest.

Classic furniture design No more exclusive luxury houses and villas feature, classic furniture is today symbol of fine elegance when you choose a fully classic furniture or limited design pieces mixed with other styles. Classic furniture design for bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and dining room for every types of homes. Ethnic furniture design Ethnic furniture design is addressed those customers who love exotic places, maybe after a journey and want to recreate a home corner reminding of that that far countries holiday. An exotic handicrafts design, African ? Tibetan and South American ? style furniture. In past times this marked concerned professionals and businessmen.

Bedroom furniture design The bedroom reflects our inner world. Here, more than in other home environments, fashion dictates are not so important. Any furnishing is ok, as well as any combination but carefully chosen. The bedroom consists of the following other furniture: dresser, armchairs, clothes ? hanger, wardrobe, cabinet and much more. Kitchen furniture design The kitchen is the most important home’s room, mixed blessing for those who love cooking and are trying it. But how important is a true kitchen furniture design? Here are some materials and appliances: marble, stainless steel, solid wood, lacquered wood, sinks and taps, cooking top, cooker hood, refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher and as accessories the whole range of small appliances.

The classic modern and design kitchens typologies are: peninsula kitchen, kitchen with cooking island, wall kitchen, corner kitchen, modular, classic and modern kitchen. Sofas and living rooms design The relaxation corner, for rest, talk and even study, has to be warm and comfortable and even odd design. This is why your sofa or living room should be chosen with care. In every home environment it has to offer comfort and quality. Office furniture design Simple, design or hi-tech, basic or colorful, office furniture are a reality which we fece on everyday. For this reason is important to arrange a comfortable and functional furniture. In a office there are writing desks, chairs, armchairs, partition walls, wall units and a lot f design accessories, of course. Armchair and small armchairs for home furniture design. Design armchair and small armchairs represent our living rooms’ heart and other home areas. They furnish and fill home spaces, some of them are comfortable and strong, design, classic or modern, others are colorful.

Choice is not difficult for the wide range of models on the market. Materials can be fabric, leather, semi leather, alcantara and much more. Furniture can even be made with LEDs – such as LED marquee furniture hire. Chairs and rocking chair for home furniture design The rocking chair is a piece of furniture that seemed to be forgotten, such as many other pieces of ffurniture Nevertheless it endures over time, maybe for its charming aura or its comfort. The chair both modern or classic is however a design piece of furniture, in its most extravagant shapes, marks the home design. Chairs can be put in the kitchen, in the dining room, in the bedroom, in the entrance, in the basement room and in many other home spaces. Living room furniture The living room is the greeting place in most homes, so it is necessary to combine to the sofa’s comfort also some valuable and design pieces of furniture. TV cabinet, china cabinet or bookcase are the most common for the living room furniture. The typical structure with modular bookcasee, tables and chairs. Furniture accessories. Design lighting and chandelier Lighting inside a home is very important, not just to see. It can be placed in every home environment with increasingly exclusive design of chandeliers, lamps etc. in glass or metal, the most used materials. Kids – boys and girls bedroom design The kids and boys and girls bedroom is a place where several different aspects have to coexist, such as comfort, functionality, study and entertainment space with friends.

Of course, every age should involve a different type of kids bedroom. In early childhood Design spaces should be considered according to baby’s needs, such as the cot, baby ? changing table, etc. and later the classic kids bedrooms equipped with bed, night table, writing desk, wardrobe. Chemists and shops design furniture Chemists and shops design furniture has been considerably evolving over the years; at the beginning shops were considered a simple place of business, without many demands from the aesthetic point of view; today shops furnishing is a real design and convenience furniture with wll-tested format. Young people bedrooms design Young people bedrooms design are a place where several different aspects heve to coexist, such as comfort and colors, functionality, study and entertainment space with friends. Of course, every age should be involve a different type of kids bedroom. In early chidhood Design spaces should be considered according to baby’s needs, such as the cot, baby -changing table, etc. and later the classic kids bedrooms equipped with bed, night table, writing desk, wardrobe. Kids bedrooms can be of different types: classic and modern bedrooms, bunk bed composition, bed sets composition, bridge unit composition, Barbie kids bedrooms, modular bedrooms with ecological materials and colors that make them lively.